Saturday, 15 March 2014

Coffee Thief

sitting against my coffee... That little rascal!

Totally loving getting scratched.....

Beautiful day at the park! My baby is catching some rays!

This one is hanging up in an art classroom

He's so funny.... Just being Chuey going for a car ride.

Saturday, 2 November 2013


Giving me a smirk? Really?
Pillows. He loves them.

This really happened.
Cuddling with a sushi menu. So ridiculous.

He's such a fatty. A cute fatty.

He has bad teeth, but I love him.

Watching me get ready for school...

It looks like he's missing a leg

He's just a little cutie.

I submitted a photo of him to our newspaper/photography squad at school.
This ended up in the art room. Good picture

This is my current cell phone background
Hahaha, I folded his ears.

Hahaha, so cute. He's sleeping on an ottoman.

What? Innocent!

Getting ready for bed. Such a handsome boy.

Kezzie added some effects to a picture of the boy

Another morning with the pillows

The original photo Kezzie took

Coming home from the salon

upstairs next to the bed he's not allowed on...

Back in the bed he's not allowed on... So cute. I love him so much.
Fact: Every post I make for my boy, he is right next to me, cuddling up with me.